Hot Air Balloon Trips

Hot Air Balloon Trips

A Unique Experience

The unique experience of hot air ballooning is, essentially a rather elegant, eccentric adventure in space and time, and promises an excitement all of its own.   And for those of you who have never done this before, it is such a breathtaking way to see the sun rise.

The length of time in the air is often determined by wind conditions.   Safety is a TOP priority.

You can launch from the Magalies River Valley near Johannesburg, or you can book this adventure in the foot hills of the KZN Drakensberg Mountains, or in the scenic wine country of Stellenbosch.

There, from the slowly moving vantage of a hot air balloon you will experience “360 degree” wrap-around views of the surrounding countryside.

Good shoes and warm clothing are recommended because it is cool up there!    Ballooning is only possible at sunrise because the air must be VERY still otherwise the adventure can be dangerous.

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After landing, which can be most fun of all, your ground crew, who have been following in the “retrieve vehicle”, will collect you and drive you to your base where you can enjoy breakfast with some Sparkling Wine to celebrate your flight!

If you are looking for private transport to get TO the balloon launch area, OR BACK from there, please e-mail us at

In Johannesburg we represent Bill Harrop:

In Cape Town

and in KZN Drakensberg Mountains

Ballooning is completely dependent on the weather so it is always best to book TWO dates in case the first trip is cancelled due to strong winds.    It is NOT a cheap adventure because each balloon flight can only lift off with a few passengers and requires a LOT of gas to get it off the ground!   But if you are planning to make it a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip, then price shouldn’t be an issue.