Beer Tours

The Cape of Good Hope and surrounding areas have been producing wine for the past 350 years. We have become Masters of Our Game, and are currently the 8 biggest wine producers in the World.

But what of beer?

Beer dominates our culture, as an alcoholic beverage.    South Africa shares the same per capita consumption of beer as the USA.   So………contrary to belief…..we are NOT big wine drinkers!

From simple beer home-brewed in tin shacks over hot coals in shanty towns around the country, to fine craft and commercial beers served in chic hotels and international bars on tap, South Africa has a LOT to offer in the beer department.

And did you know?…….. South African Breweries are the one of the top 3 largest brewery companies in the World.   We own Millers USA.

So if you don’t LIKE wine, why must you do a WINE TOUR?

We can fetch you after breakfast, give you a tour of the South African Brewery Complex……..and then head to boutique craft beer producers.Meet some amazing people, taste some interesting beers and see some pretty damn fine scenery in-between.

Lunch options can be discussed before the tour depending on the experience you are looking for.   We have lots of options up our sleeve……