False Bay Great White Shark Tours

False Bay is recognised by National Geographic and Discovery Channel as one of the world’s most amazing viewing sites for watching the Great Whites.

The boats we use for our tours are owned by Chris Fallows and Rob Lawrence. They depart every morning from Simons Town at 06h45, April till September.
The boats head out to an island called “Seal Island” which is just off the False Bay coast. This a popular feeding area for the Great Whites.

The trips are unique because the boats hold a maximum of 5 passengers, so the excursions are very personal and non-commercial. The boats are also easy to manoeuvre when shark activity moves to another part of the island coast.

Great white sharks can grow up to 6.5 metres in length and their bite may exert tons of pressure per square centimetre. The animals are extremely intelligent and can travel at high speed underwater.

Rob and Chris avoid using hook-less bait whenever possible, preferring to rely on dummy seals to draw the sharks to the boat. Cage diving is possible (if you are qualified) but the water visibility is often not good so most visitors who do this trip, prefer to surface view. There are many occasions in June and July when the sharks will launch themselves out of the water in an attempt to get their prey. It is an experience that you will never forget.

Light refreshments and snacks are served on the boats, to help you reduce the adrenaline rush……
The boat returns to Simons Town harbour at approx. 1.30 or 2pm. All trips are weather dependant for the safety of our passengers.

Great white sharks do not survive in captivity and their numbers are still declining world-wide. Chris, Rob and “Take 2 Tours” would like you to experience this phenomenon in the hope that you will be able to understand that they are not the fearfully dangerous “beasts” that the media makes them out to be. And, by educating others, you may be able to save the species from possible future extinction.

Because Simons Town is 45 minutes by car from Cape Town CBD, we can arrange for you to stay at an apartment or a hotel in Simons Town on the night before your trip. This means you won’t miss the trip if you get up late! Anyway, Simons Town is a beautiful place.

Otherwise, if you phone us the night before, we will collect you from your hotel at 06h00 in Cape Town and transport you down to the boat departure point. In this way you don’t have to worry about getting lost AND being late!

Bookings in advance: ESSENTIAL.

……..and if you are still unsure…….rent the DVD called “Airjaws” by Discovery Channel.

 Want to dive without a cage?

If you have your PADI diving qualification, let us arrange for you to go diving INSIDE the aquarium with ragged tooth sharks.

This dive is much more exhiliarating than diving with the Great Whites because there is NO CAGE!  and to top it all, your underwater photos will be AMAZING!

You cannot achieve good underwater clarity when diving with the Great Whites because the wind at the Cape makes the water choppy and cloudy, so whilst it might be very exciting and all ……NOTHING beats FREE DIVING with sharks. even if you are in the a Great Big Tank……

Take a look…..



Shark Diving Blog:

Brandon Kilbride, our divemaster and guide has posted a great blog of what has been happening on our trips of late. Please go and check it out. We would love to show you guests and clients what False Bay has to offer.