Township Tours in Cape Town

Township Tourism is a fast growing tourism sector.  Tourists often want to understand what happened to marginalised people in Apartheid times, and they want to get to grips with the challenges that lie ahead as we rebuild our society.

A tour of a shanty town (“township”) will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with the local Xhosa people, who are the main indigenous population of Cape Town.
Discover the living conditions of nearly 30% of South Africa’s population.

In respect of the communities we visit on these tours, a local guide from the area, hops into the vehicle with us. Then you can learn a few Xhosa words as we drive! Xhosa is one of the 11 national languages in South Africa.

On this HALF-DAY tour we visit the areas of District Six, Langa, OR Gugulethu and Khayalitsha.
We reserve the right to vary the route or omit areas when road-blocks have been erected to divert traffic.
You will get to see schools, self-help projects, “spaza” shops, local shebeens (the word we use for a tavern), and small businesses started by leaders in the community.   Life out there is VERY different from what tourists experience at some of the fancy hotels in Cape Town.

Although often desperately poverty stricken, townships are not only about crime and deprivation, you will witness a community spirit and be the recipient of hospitality like nowhere else!

Comprising both informal, semi-formal and formal housing, the eclectic mix evident in the townships expresses a vibrancy and spirit somewhat lacking in the more urban areas. The biggest formal townships, namely Langa, Nyanga, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha have an estimated population of nearly two million people.

PRIVATE VEHICLE –  R4500 basic fee (any number of people – up to 7 max), includes vehicle, driver and step-on Xhosa township guide.

SHARED VEHICLE (with other passengers) – R900 per person

Also included (time permitting) : The District Six Museum

This fee INCLUDES a step-on qualifed Xhosa guide who will instruct you on the culture of the Xhosa people and the intracacies of apartheid and post-apartheid recovery.

To get the best from this tour, it is better to do this trip in the morning when the shools and pre-schools are open.
After the tour, clients are given the choice to be dropped at the Robben Island boat departing from the V&A Waterfront, to make their own way back to the hotel after the trip.
Or they can be dropped at their hotel or place of residence, or another site of interest.

Add R600 pp for Afternoon Robben Island Tour or book this directly at

Please Note: Township Dinners (without the tour) can be arranged at a cost of R1300 for return dinner transport (max 7 passengers) plus a dinner charge of R350pp excluding drinks.

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For those of you NOT wanting to do a private tour with us, we will book you to go with Uthando for R1500 per person, subject to availability.

This tour attempts to inspire and generate funding for projects that have been started in the poorer communities surrounding Cape Town.

The Uthando Tour covers an extensive discussion on South African history, the legacy of Apartheid, political, social, economic, cultural and local issues.

Uthando is a Non-Profit Company focused on community upliftment, so you will get to visit interesting community development projects.

The visits depend on what projects are available on the day and tours are normally arranged the day before depending on availability of the projects.

On every half day tour you may get to visit 3 different projects.

Guests have an opportunity to interact with the locals at these projects, and find out about the inspiring work they are doing. The projects showcase their work and lives to the visitors.

Examples of some of the projects with which Uthando works and visits:

Abalimi Bezekhaya                                   Urban agriculture, photo above the Siyazama Garden. One of the gardens we visit

Ekhaya eKhasi Centre                                  Womens empowerment project

Greater Commission United                   Youth development through soccer

Hout Bay Music Project                                Youth Development through music

Jikeleza Dance Project                                  Youth development through dance

Kiddies Educare Day Care Centre                Day care centre (photo of the graduation ceremony for 6 year olds)

NOAH (Neighbourhood Old Age Homes)     Care for elderly (photo of opening of the clinic)

Thokozani Brothers Youth Choir –               Youth development through choir singing and music

Come and experience South Africa with us.

We will make your memories last a lifetime.